Comprehensive Coaching is a monthly program. As my Client, you will receive all of the following each month: 
  1. 8 Coaching sessions: four 60-minute sessions + four 30-minute sessions, to be scheduled at times that are convenient for your schedule 
  2. Daily and weekly homework assignments and tasks, to keep you on track and help you build new habits 
  3. Access to call/text/email me 7 days a week, any time something comes up that you need guidance on, so that we can work through challenges as they arise. 
For more information on my approach and how my Coaching program works, please click the Coaching tab.    For my rates, please inquire with me directly. 
My Coaching differs from traditional talk therapy in three fundamental ways: 
  1. Therapy tends to be past-focused, whereas my Coaching is future-focused. In therapy, you are likely to work on healing old wounds and processing past traumas. In Coaching, together we will work on setting and achieving your goals, creating a vision for your future, and moving from where you are now to where you want to be. 

  2. Therapy tends to be awareness-oriented, whereas my Coaching is solution-oriented. The focal point of therapy is usually to become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns. The focal point of our Coaching together will be actively reversing negative patterns, applying practical tools and guidance to your life, and making tangible changes through your actions. 

  3. Therapy typically restricts interaction to one session per week, whereas my Coaching gives you access to me whenever you need it. In therapy, you are unlikely to communicate with your therapist outside of your weekly scheduled hour. When working with me, you have the ability to call/text/email me whenever you need, in addition to our two weekly scheduled sessions. This way, you are making progress seven days a week. 
  1. Dating: Learn the do’s and dont’s of successful, enjoyable dating; Learn how not to waste your time in your dating life; learn how to choose better partners based on values, compatibility, and your emotional needs.

  2. Relationships: Find your soulmate and create a beautiful, lasting, and happy relationship; Learn how to keep your relationship healthy and thriving; work through any issues you and your partner may be having in a healthy and constructive manner.

  3. Confidence: Develop true, authentic self-respect and self-love; cultivate your self-esteem through esteemable actions; become a person you are truly proud of and value at the highest level.

  4. Anxiety & Stress: Decrease your anxiety & worry so that you can feel peace of mind; create a manageable daily plan that balances career, relationships, nutrition, exercise, and self-care.

  5. Passion, purpose, career: Discover the unique gift you have to offer this world and find a way to give it; learn your true purpose and integrate it into your current profession; make a career switch to something that matches your passions and purpose.
I work primarily with men and women ages 22 to 40 who are facing challenges with their romantic/dating life, career, friendships, self-esteem, and/or anxiety. If you would like to improve any of these areas of your life, build new habits, and create tangible results, then I am your guy. 

Having said that, it is not all up to me! Some things that I ask of you: 
  • Be willing to open your mind and heart to new perspectives. 
  • Be willing to take responsibility for your life and be accountable for your decisions.
  • Show up for our sessions on time, do the homework, and speak with me openly and honestly. 
If this sounds easy enough, schedule a time with me for an initial consultation.

If you are in Los Angeles, we have the option to meet in-person. For international clients or clients in other parts of the country, our work together will be virtual. 

My time with each client differs, but on average, clients work with me for 3-4 months.

I offer flexible rates for Monthly Comprehensive Coaching and fixed rates for hourly single sessions. Please inquire with my team directly for details.