Book Me For

Keynote Speaking

Book me for a remarkable speaking experience that will touch the minds and hearts of your audience and leave them feeling uplifted, inspired, and fulfilled. Perfect for large conferences, graduations, formal banquets, and fundraisers.


Book me to dive deep into a specific theme, with interactive exercises and coaching methodologies that will educate, engage, and transform participants. Perfect for mid-size events, seminars, and conference breakout sessions.

Small Teams

Book me to coach intimate teams in an informal setting, to push past personal obstacles in business, romance, and mental/emotional wellbeing. Perfect for small business teams, clubs, fireside chats, and dinners. Live or virtual.


Dating & Relationships

•  Learn how to enjoy dating and stop wasting your time. 
•  Date successfully and find your soulmate. 
•  Cultivate a blissful, values-based relationship that can sustain any obstacle.

Discovering Your Gift

•  Discover your passion and purpose in life.
•  Craft a crystal-clear vision for your personal and professional future.
•  Learn how to use your gift to contribute positively to the lives of others.

Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Self-Respect 

•  Respect yourself at the highest level in thought and action.
•  Build authentic self-esteem through esteemable behavior.
•  Feel truly confident in your own skin and stop comparing yourself.

Managing Anxiety & Creating Peace of Mind

•  Minimize anxiety, fear, and worry through manageable daily practices.
•  Feel stillness of mind and stop overthinking.
•  Learn how to tap into and act on your intuition.

For Speaking rates, please inquire with my team directly.